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Thank You to All Who Participated in Kozyra & Hartz, LLC's 3rd Annual Wine Down, Which Was A Huge Success!

November 20, 2012

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

On behalf of Kozyra & Hartz, LLC, the Red Cross and the Nutley Family Service Bureau, we want to thank you and all of the other attendees and respondents for your participation in our 2012 Wine Down & Food Drive. As always, it was a pleasure to see old friends and meet new ones and to introduce you to each other in a relaxed and festive atmosphere where we can talk to each other, but it is especially rewarding when we can share our good fortune with others. You helped us raise needed cash donations and deliver a carload of food for the needy, which will be available for the upcoming holidays and in the weeks after for those in need. This is the Law Firm’s fifth year reaching out to our friends to help others, and we hope you will join us in future efforts. If you did not have a chance to stop by or make a donation, we are continuing to accept cash donations through December 15. Please feel free to contact our Office Administrator, Christine L’Heritier, via email at or via telephone at (973) 403-8344 with any questions. Thank you again for helping make this event a success.

Keep your eyes open for the announcement date of next year’s Fourth Annual Wine Down, which we hope to be the biggest ever! Happy Holidays to you and your families and friends!


Barry A. Kozyra, Esq.

Judith A. Hartz, Esq.

Raj Gadhok, Esq.

Leonard A. Peduto, Jr., Esq.

Valerie A. Jules, Esq.

Margret M. McBurney, Esq.

Luther G. Jones, IV, Esq.

Marcella Matos Wilson, Esq.

Jason S. Haller, Esq.

Christine M. L’Heritier, OM

Darlene Friedman, Legal Asst.

Cindy Mullin, Legal Asst.

Nicole Dotson, Legal Asst.

Marie diFrancescantonio, Recep.

Dustin Palumbo, Paralegal

Donna M. Gruca, Legal Asst.

Kelly A. Keating, Legal Asst.

Amarilis Padilla, Floater