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Barry A. Kozyra Mentored Students At The Nutley High School For The 2019 Mock Trial Competition Held At The Essex County Courthouse

January 17, 2019

Barry A. Kozyra acted as lawyer-coach with Chris Bradley as teacher-coach and mentors to students at Nutley High School for the 2019 New Jersey State Bar Foundation's Mock Trial Competition. Mr. Kozyra met with the student teams regularly to instruct on trial procedures such as opening and closing statements, preparing fact or expert witnesses for direct and cross-examination and introducing documents as evidence for use at trial. "I have been involved with the NJSBA Mock Trial program through the Essex County Bar Association since my days as a young lawyer. It is an opportunity for the students to have a hands-on involvement in what it is like to be a lawyer or witness in a trial in a real courtroom. The Nutley High School team exhibited the best traits to be good lawyers as they(...)

All Attorneys At Kozyra & Hartz, LLC Join In Donation To The Essex County Bar Foundation Gun Buyback Initiative

December 28, 2018

The Essex County Bar Foundation (ECBF) recently announced a cooperative initiative with the Essex County Prosecutor's Office and other state and local law enforcement agencies to host a gun buyback event. Every attorney at Kozyra & Hartz, LLC (K&H) has joined in donating a total of $1,500.00 toward the ECBF gun buyback initiative in an effort to take 6 rifles and 6 handguns out of harm's way. Kozyra & Hartz, LLC has always been a strong supporter of the Essex County Bar Association (ECBA) and the ECBF's public service and fundraising efforts for the Essex County community. The gun buyback initiative is particularly close to the heart of K&H's founding member, Barry A. Kozyra, as he initiated the idea for the event to take place. "The surrender was proposed to(...)

Kozyra & Hartz, LLC 2018 Annual Wine Down & Holiday Food Drive

November 20, 2018

Dear Friends and Colleagues: Kozyra & Hartz, LLC and the Nutley Family Service Bureau thank all guests and donors for participation in the Kozyra & Hartz, LLC 2018 Annual Wine Down & Holiday Food Drive which took place on November 20, 2018. The event allowed old friends and new ones to meet and celebrate in a relaxed and festive atmosphere and share our good fortunes with others in need. Guests and donors helped Kozyra & Hartz raise needed cash donations and deliver a carload of food for the needy. Kozyra & Hartz will continue to accept additional contributions through the end of the year. Keep your eyes open for the announcement date of next year's Annual Holiday Wine Down & Food Drive, which we hope to be the biggest ever! Happy Holidays to you and your(...)

Barry A. Kozyra, Esq. Was Interviewed And Quoted On Magone & Company’s Tax Information Blog – Employee Non Compete Agreements: Enforceable Or Not? September 27, 2018

October 31, 2018

Barry A. Kozyra, Esq. was interviewed and quoted on Magone & Company's Tax Information Blog dated September 27, 2018, regarding Employee Non-Compete Agreements: Enforceable or Not?, The Three Factors a Court Will Examine During a Non-Compete Case Hearing and the State's Requirements. 1) Time. Mr. Kozyra stated, "It's unreasonable to take somebody out of the workplace for one or two years if they only worked at your business for a month. You would have to demonstrate that you have very fragile intellectual property or confidential information that could be stolen." 2) Geography. Mr. Kozyra stated, "We routinely see situations where an employer wants to restrict someone from working anywhere on the planet because the company has such wide-ranging reach. While it's not(...)

Barry A. Kozyra Receives Proclamation From The Township Of Nutley

October 16, 2018

Kozyra & Hartz LLC is proud to announce that on October 16, 2018, Barry A. Kozyra received a Proclamation from Mayor Joseph P. Scarpelli, Commissioner Alphonse Petracco, Commissioner Thomas J. Evans, Commissioner Mauro G. Tucci and Commissioner Steven L. Rogers of the Township of Nutley. The Proclamation paid tribute to Mr. Kozyra's accomplishments and contributions as a lawyer and citizen. The Township also extended their congratulations to Mr. Kozyra as the recipient of the 2018 Elks Citizen of the Year Award for his outstanding and meritorious service to humanity and charitable causes, and the 2018 Professional Lawyer of the Year Award for exemplary conduct, competence, diligence, and demeanor. Congratulations, Barry!